Organizing the Space in Your Home

Organize Your Garage
The Garage Organization section on DIY Network is a resource for garage organization tips and tricks to help you clear, declutter and reclaim your garage. There are several videos on decluttering, organization, and garage storage solutions like cabinety and a slatwall organizer. Tips include installing cabinets in the garage out of high-density particle board. And here's a handy tip. Organize the items you put in your cabinets according to how often you use the item. For example, put seasonal items like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween decorations in the top cabinets or up high in your cabinets. Things that you use several times a year like camping gear can be placed at the bottom. Keep items you use a lot, like tools, in the middle... that way you have easy access to them and they'll be easy to reach.There other information articles in the section organizing tips, painting a garage floor, installing a garage door, decorate accents, and installing garage shelves, and much more.

Organize Your Kitchen for
Site includes links to cut clutter and save time in your kitchen. Includes links that offer guides to meal planning, and decluttering. Clear the counters, empty the dishwasher and bring your kitchen to an ordinary state of clean before you begin. Fill a dishpan or sink with hot soapy water for quick clean-up and replacement of dusty items. Together with clear counters, you'll need a minimum of four boxes and a good assortment of garbage bags to begin. Sturdy black plastic garbage bags not only hold lots of broken and discarded items, they also prevent Declutterer's Remorse—the condition in which you second-guess your own decision to discard by retrieving items from the trash. Out of sight is out of mind, so declutter right into opaque trash bags for best results.

Easy Closets
Design a closet online and preview organized living at its best. Choose from reach in, walk in and irregular closet organizers. The design your own closet gallery lets you pick and choose how you want to organize your closets. Browse the gallery for closet organization ideas that include closets with vaulted ceilings, angled walls, captive closets, walk-in closets, cherry wood closets and more. Show room also offers kitchen, bath and garage organizer systems.

Advice for Ample Space
If your home has insufficient space such as that in college dormitories, apartments and condominiums, space management is essential. A section on organized storage solutions is offered. When organizing, start from somewhere manageable, for example, the drawers. Then gradually proceed to all the cupboards or shelves. Clear out things and rearrange only the ones you need. Be persistent - but do not over exert yourself physically, the site suggests. Search for hidden space, such as a stairwell or closet. Shelves and drawers are a good place to start. Reorganizing your furniture placement is another way to increase space, and getting rid of unneeded items is most important.

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