Caring for Your Senior/Elder (02)

Elder Care: Articles on Senior Citizen Issues
Taking care of the elderly and wondering who will pay for it? Here is a collection of articles on senior citizen care. Including topics such as suicide among elderly seniors, compensating family care for senior citizens, ethical issues on aging, primary senior citizen care and more. Interesting commentary on taking care of senior citizens and how the face of senior care will change as the baby boomers enter their elder years.

Talking to Your Aging Parents: What to Say
Talking to your aging parents to discuss legal, financial and long-term care options can be really uncomfortable. This handout aims to make the process a lot easier, and includes valuable tips for talking with your parents, such as starting the discussion early, understanding your parentsí need to control their own lives, include other family members, ask about records and documentation, and using good communication skills. Youíll want to discuss a variety of issues, which include senior care and assisted living options.

Caregiver Support Online: Forums, Chats and More
Are you caring for an aging spouse, relative or neighbor? This site will help you take better care of your aging friend, while making it easier on you. There are monthly chats where you can get support from others, including information on Alzheimerís and dementia care, home care and independent living, insurance coverage for senior citizens, legal and financial information for the elderly, healthy aging, senior residential options and transition information. A forum provides a place to ask questions and share thoughts with other caregivers from around the world, and a useful section on Homecare Doís and Doníts is also useful. Plenty of information is here, ready for caregivers to use the support available to them.

Choosing an Assisted Living Care Facility
If itís time to choose an assisted care facility for an elderly friend or parent, this helpful checklist will aid in making sure you find a place that will take good care of your loved one. Among the aspects of assisted living that the site recommends you check out include: making sure the facility is licensed, seeing how long the facility has been operating, seeing what requirements are made of the staff, seeing what types of housing units are available, the location of the facility, how much the facility costs, if there is 24-hour assistance, and what the occupancy agreement includes.

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