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Gerontology Research and More
Wayne State University’s Institute of Gerontology is very active in promoting successful, safe aging in Detroit, Michigan, and beyond. This site includes aging and health resources, such as information about the latest aging and health research, outreach programs, handbooks on caregiving and coping with loss as well as working with a senior citizen that needs nursing home or assisted living care. It also includes a section on making the most out of a nursing home visit with a resident that has dementia. Links to the National Institute on Aging and other organizations are included. Most valuable is the research section on aging and health disparities, aging and disabilities and lifespan cognitive neuroscience.

Dr. Weil Shares Information About Chiropratic Care, Back Pain, Bone and Joint Health
Dr. Weil answers questions from site visitors on his Chiropractic Care, Back Pain, Bone and Joint Health page. Start with basic information about what chiropractic is and when it is appropriate to consider this type of treatment, which is based on a very ancient form of hands-on healing. This site also explains how to find a good chiropractor. Browse through the Q&A library, and if you don't see the information you need, ask a question yourself! The site also provides information about supplements and herbs and healthy lifestyle choices. Check out the online forums to discuss health information with other site visitors.

Senior Citizen Information on the Web
This site is geared towards senior citizens and those who care about them, and includes articles on topics such as Medicare, continuing medical education, finding discounts for seniors and senior-related medications. The helpful idea section discusses everything from senior health savings accounts and clinical drug trials for seniors to ulcer-bed sores and rating healthcare organizations. Sections on senior hearing information, senior health, assisted living facilities and senior citizen resources are also included.

Caring for Elderly Parents: A Foreign Service Family Perspective
How to care for elderly parents is a major concern of many Foreign Service families. Our concerns mirror those of other American families, but how to ensure good health care, find the right living situation, and handle legal questions is often complicated for Foreign Service families by being posted abroad. The distance involved makes it harder to get information and help so contingency planning is essential, states this website. It gives useful tips for talking to elderly parents about their living situations and future care. Includes a useful list of danger signals that indicate a senior may be in trouble, such as increased car accidents, sudden weight loss or bizarre behavior.

Senior Driving: Staying Safe on the Road
Does someone you know have difficulty following instructions and directions, drift into other traffic lanes, stop abruptly without a cause or press on the brake and accelerator at the same time? You may know someone who shouldn’t be on the road. Such is the case for many caregivers or senior citizens. This site includes warning signs of unsafe driving, support and resources of help after the loss of a driver’s license, and tips on how to deal with a family member who shouldn’t drive insists on doing so. Though based in California, this website has valuable information that can be applied anywhere.


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