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Safety Advice for Installing a Firepit or Chiminea on Your Deck
You can install a firepit or chiminea on your deck safely. Get the advice you need to do so by reading this informative article. It starts with the basics, like checking with your local municipality to familiarize yourself with local codes. The article also reminds new fire pit or chiminea owners to read the manual thoroughly before operating it for the first time. Safety reminders about not leaving the backyard firepit unattended and keeping the area clutter-free are listed here.

10 Electric Safety Rules for Kids
This early, kids should be aware of the danger of electricity. Whether you are a parent or not, you can share this 10 electric safety rules to any child. The rules are explained in a very simple manner so that every kid can understand them. The first rule is not to put many plugs in any single electrical outlet; this may cause overload that can lead to fire. The second tip is to make sure that all electric cords are properly arranged so they will serve as obstruction. The third one is not to climb the fence around an electrical substation if your toy or pet happens to get inside. The remaining seven tips are mostly about the safety of kids playing outside the house.

Guard Dogs, from Dog Obedience Training Review
In this comprehensive guide by Dog Training Central, pet owners will learn how to choose the right dog as protection or Schutzhund dogs. This includes comparing the different dog breeds and understanding the important characteristics of a good guard dog. Also included are the necessary considerations during the entire training. For first-time dog owners or experienced handlers, the guide explains the importance of joining Schutzhund clubs or seeking professional help. On the last part, there are three special factors that owners should consider during the dog selection. Among them are the risks involved once the dogs are already trained.

A Home Safety Checklist
Every year almost three quarters of a million seniors are treated for falls in the home. A fall for a senior can lead to tragic results. It is estimated that at least half of all falls in the home could be prevented by following the tips in this checklist. The checklist includes almost a dozen specific tips on how to make stairs safer for seniors, more than half a dozen suggestions for making your bathroom more fall-proof, almost half a dozen tips for making the bedroom safer, more than half a dozen safety suggestions for the living room, and half a dozen safety tips for the kitchen. For a senior a fall can mean the permanent loss of mobility, which results in a loss of self-esteem and self image. Don't let a senior's life be ruined needlessly. The tips and suggestions in this checklist could, literally, save a life.

Basic Home Security Tips to Prevent Theft (Infographic)
Theft is a common threat to your home, but this infographic at can help you a lot. It features the favorite spot of your house that burglars love to pass through and the percentage that they will use them as entrance. This post also has a list of the top 10 cities in America that have the highest crime rate. You can also read their list of home safety tips, which include installing deadbolt locks on all exterior entrances, not leaving a spare key hidden outside, being aware of what's happening in your neighborhood, and asking for proper identification from service and delivery people before you let them enter your home.

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