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Home Maintenance and Repair Tips and Buying Guides
Home maintenance and repair is a broad topic, and this section of HouseLogic.com covers almost all of them. This page has more than 53 pages that contain articles that can help you. One of the highlights is a sub section that talks about 99-cent solutions, which helps you save money from home repairs. Other notable sub topics include how to inspect your roof and windows, how to spot foundation problems, and how to prevent water damage. You can also find tips about laundry, caring for your home appliances, buying guides, and others.

YouTube Posts Auto Painting Body Repair Video
If you are looking for videos on the topic of auto body repair auto painting, YouTube has an extensive selection to check out. Choose from a variety of subjects, including the proper way to mix paint before applying it to the vehicle, sanding the surface of the car and tips for making the most of your custom painting job. You will also find instructions for the right way to build an auto paint room and many more DIY auto body repair projects. For auto painting Los Angeles, see Westwood Auto Body on LA's West side. They provide a lifetime guarantee on their work.

Attaching a Fire Pit Cover
There are good reasons for including a fire pit cover in your backyard plans. Not only does this device keep animals away, but it also keeps the fire pit area free from debris. Find out why metal covers on the unit need to be permanently attached and get some ideas about accessories to enhance this part of your outdoor living space. You will also find out which accessory is a must for safety's sake.

Building Your Water Fountain is Only the First Step—Maintenance is Important Too!
If you want to keep your indoor wall water fountain working properly for a number of years, you need to take the time to maintain it regularly. This is not a time-consuming proposition at all. In fact, by taking just a few minutes each week to add some more water and clean the pump, the water fountain will give you hours upon hours of enjoyment. Find out how to deal with mineral stains and the procedure for pumping out the water from a large water fountain; these should be part of your regular maintenance activities.

Home Maintenance and Repair Projects
Prepared by home repair expert Bob Formisano for About.com, this article features eight areas in your house that you should check especially if you are planning to sell it. On top of the list is to make sure the roof does not leak, where you can check if there tree branches and leaves that are touching the roof. The second area is the chimney, where you should make sure that there are no loose bricks or missing mortar. Gutters and downspouts should also be checked for possible clogging. Plumbing fixtures and furnace must be in good working condition, while electrical system should have proper grounding. If there are serious problems in the foundation, it is recommended to consult an expert contractor.

Maintenance and Maintenance and Repair of Apparel, Textile and Home Surfaces
North Carolina State University's North Carolina Cooperative Extension teamed with the North Carolina Museum of Art to develop computer data-based Internet application programs called HOMECARE and HOMECARE 2 to help consumers extend wear life and appearance of apparel, textile and home surfaces in an environmentally friendly way. With HOMECARE, consumers can search and get solutions to more than 500 spot and stain problems. HOMECARE 2 provides solutions to more than 200 repair and maintenance problems. This website focuses on the maintenance and repair of textiles and house surfaces.

This is the site of Jim Salmon, host of Home Repair Clinic at WHAM 1180 AM which is on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9:30. There is a phone number to call with home repair questions. The site has home repair articles, a home inspection page, a list of contractors, an email list, recommended books, and a poll. You can also find a list of Salmon's upcoming appearances. Salmon has information on his site not related to home repair such as content about the New York area.

Here's the site: HomeRepairAndCare.com

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