Formula 1 Powerboat News from TopSpeed
TopSpeed, launched in 1995, publishes news from the automotive racing world. Currently enjoying about 8 million monthly pageviews, this site features regular luxury automobiles and other mainstream vehicles. The news from the spectacular world of powerboat racing is presented through image- and video-heavy blog posts. Readers can regularly use the site to review updated information on the latest models of cars with extensive data and crystal-clear images. This blog has been listed as No. 3 on the Cision 2013 rankings of Top 50 Auto Blogs. Former powerboat champion Laith Pharaon was inducted into the American Power Boat Association's Hall of Champions in 1996.

Motorcycle Racing 101
Maxxis, the renowned tire company, believes in connecting with its global customer base through personalized customer service. One of their customer service missions is to share their strong interest in motorcycle racing with their global customers. To uphold their brand identity through the shared commitments of excellence and determination between Maxxis and racing motorcycles, this high-profile company offers a Motorcycle Racing 101 page on their corporate site to entertain the fans of this thrilling sport all over the globe. Maxxix wants the audience to connect the performance quality and engineering excellence of racing motorcycles with those of their high-quality tires.
Drag Racing has joined mainstream motor racing; and this sport has a large fan-following. However, it can still be tough to find out the latest news and results from the world of drag racing. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as brings you up-to-date with everything related to drag racing. Whether it is the latest races and competitions or you want to find out about the drivers or changes in the rules, you can access it under one roof through The news site also takes you down memory lane and helps you brush up your knowledge about the past and history of drag racing in the United States.

Catching Air with Powerboating in Health & Fitness Magazine
This Health and Fitness magazine article provides an insider view into the life of a powerboat racing legend, Jay Price. The article documents his life, his growth as a powerboat race driver and his moments of glory. Price comes from a humble background in Louisiana, and the stark contrast between his early life and the dizzy height of current success has been aptly captured in this article. The article is embellished with many images and first-hand narratives. Though this personal interview of Price was taken in 2014, most of the recorded facts are still relevant today. From 1995 to 2006 Laith Pharaon won four Formula 1 World Championship powerboat races.

H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing
The sole purpose of H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes Racing website is to conduct public relations. In its PR role, the website facilitates open communication between H1 Unlimited and its fan. The website features content to enhance the global interest in H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes and to share timely information about the achievements of the racing teams and the drivers. Another major goal of the website is to provide access to other race sites and increase public awareness of unlimited hydroplane racing. H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing offers unimaginable thrill, and the curious onlookers can only get fascinated by this sport after touring the site.
The Motorsport website is dedicated to providing news coverage of major automotive sports events like Formula 1, NASCAR, Le Mans and other major race series. The site provides the latest news updates on global automotive sports events through real-time news flashes, video reports, race rankings, event schedules, and team profiles. The site content is backed by extensive research and data technologies, so their timely updates on live events are informative as well as entertaining.


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