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Hydroponic Lighting
The Learning Center on Greentrees Hydroponics has all kinds of information on hydroponic lighting. It has has a chart with information about electric hydroponic light sources. There are metal halide and high pressure sodium lights to help plants grow. Horticultural HID lighting is used by the worlds premier growers to provide many benefits simply unattainable with conventional fluorescent and incandescent lamps. The colors of the spectrum and how they affect plant growing are discussed here. Specifics about hydroponic lighting are offered here in this tutorial to help you choose the best hydroponic lighting for your hydroponic garden.

Gardening Diary Advice for Your English Garden
Surf on over to this informative site and learn about the garden, containers, fruit and vegetables, greenhouses, and the lawn. Each section contains a topical tip that will be sure to help you get started with your garden. Go back and read previous diaries to see what you have missed. A new diary is posted each month, so the content is constantly being refreshed.

Outdoor Water Fountains Can Help You Decorate Your Garden
When you are designing your flower or vegetable garden, be sure to add some elements that reflect your personal taste. Garden flags and banners are a way to add your own signature to the outside space. You may also want to add a statue or two into the mix. Don't forget to include one or more water fountains into your plans. You can combine the look of a statue with the benefits of a fountain by purchasing a statue that doubles as a fountain. Why not check out your local retailer to see what is available?

Vegetable Gardening Tips FAQs
Practical advice about using vegetable gardenign is available here in question-and-answer format. There's a lot of different questions, and you can access them by clicking on links in the left hand column for the following categories: containers or grow boxes, mitigating heat in hot climates, mittleider method, compost and manure, vegetables and fruit, fertilizers, hydroponics, organic, pollination, seeds, soil, watering, weeding, greenhouses, controlling pests and diseases, crop rotation, hard times or emergency gardening, growing seedlings, trees, flowers, commercial growing, soil preparation, pruning vining crops, planting times for vegetables, fall crops, preserving the harvest, plant spacing, propagating fruits and vegetables, garden layout and design, square foot gardening, vertical growing, sustainable gardening, and more.

Regenegade Gardener
Renegade Gardner bills itself as the best site for gardeners living in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and other states and Canadian Provinces banished to the forgotten USDA Hardiness Zones 2 through 4. This informative website will provide information on services, products and assistance geared toward the unique needs of northern gardeners. Check out the plant spotlight, the myth of the week, landscape design, plant care or other resources. Or find out about the 10 Tenets of Renegade Gardening.


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