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Ping Pong Book
Author Jerome Charyn chronicles the history of ping pong through an inside view of the people who love to play it in Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins. While many have played a casual game of ping pong now and then, still more take the game very seriously. Charyn describes his own passion for the game in the United States and France as well as detailing the lives and playing styles of ping pong stars such as Marty Reisman and Dick Miles. He moves fluidly back and forth through time to describe competitions past and present, chart the careers of major players and portray the passion for the sport in the rest of the world. This website has a detailed review of the ping pong book.

Air Hockey Jobs Directory
Is air hockey your life? Do you live and breath air hockey? Do you have an air hockey table in your bedroom? Have you ever wished you could make your living playing air hockey? Well, this site may not be able to help you make a living by playing air hockey, but it can certainly help you get a job in the air hockey industry, and that may be the next best thing. According to the Jobslide Directory features an on-line search facility, job hunting resources, resume writing tips, interview techniques, in-house interviewing robot, discussion forums, chat rooms and books all designed to help you land your dream job in the air hockey industry. To see if you have the Right Stuff to land a job in the air hockey field, fill out a simple application and have it posted to companies all over the country who are looking for "air heads" to fill a wide variety of positions.

National Foosball Association
The National Foosball Association operates this website, which features foosball product information, foosball tables, fooswear, game accessories, a foosers forum, and links to more foosball resources. The association offers people the opportunity to donate tables and funds to the organization, as well as donate their old tables for restoration to the association.

History of Table Tennis
This web page, from, describes the history of the game of table tennis, known to many as ping pong. They trace the game back to British army officers in the late 19th Century, playing with corks and cigar boxes. The game then blossomed in Great Britain after that, known variously as "whiff whaff" and "gossima." Parker Brothers bought the name ping pong, and began manufacturing indoor table tennis kits under that name. There are also links to web sites for USA Table Tennis, a list of Olympic Champions, the Table Tennis Hall of Fame, a glossary of terms, as well as a directory of organizations.

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