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10 Affordable Home Decorating Ideas on
If you want to save money as you decorate your home, follow these 10 practical tips at First, use lower lower-wattage bulbs if you want to have a more romantic room. Second, buy remnants from fabric stores and use them for sewing projects. The third tip suggests having plants inside any room, while the fourth tip is to pay attention to the floor. There are also recommendations about painting and how to provide an effective storage area. You should try fixing things before you get rid of them. And finally, check for some great deals at eBay and Craigslist.

HGTV on Home Decoration
Home and Garden Television isn't only a fun station to watch, the website has a wealth of information about decoration ideas, tips and how-to's. Sections on gardening, decorations, travel tips, decorating glossary, crafts, remodeling and more. The trends section includes fall gardening basics, designers portfolios, real estate basics, outdoor living and room planners. A menu of show airtimes is included, as is a section on kids crafts. Interactive home decoration message boards and chat rooms are available as are home decoration newsletters and an interactive library.

Home Decorating Articles from SheKnows
Learn how to do the following with this handy website by SheKnows: choose a color palette for your home; arrange a narrow family room; furnish and decorate for a big family; arrange a comfortable living room; turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity; install a vanity; design a home office; arrange a family photo wall; decorate your entryway for under $100; redecorate your family room without buying anything new; paint a room; paint your kitchen table; repaint furniture; refinish a dresser; make luminarias out of paper lunch bags; decorate your foyer; make over your master bathroom; redecorate your family room in a weekend; decorate your apartment on a budget; fix up your kitchen on the cheap; fix up your bathroom on the cheap; revamp your basement; and much more.

Free Decorating Projects, Guides, Tips and More!
This site is a do-it-yourself designer's dream. Learn how to "Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Retreat." Discover tips and sewing tricks that you never knew before. Get a load of all these free projects that you can complete right here on this site: a leather-look lampshade, sun wall art, a basket magazine rack table, a metal scroll and fabric vanity wastebasket, a really cute denim Ottoman, a fabric-covered laundry hamper, a beaded fan pull, a baby picture frame, beaded napkin rings, an upholstered headboard, plans for re-doing a porch swing, a fabric roller shade, a lame' candle holder, a great sun catcher, a Victorian ball, a Mardi Gras mask, a wonderful table center piece and more. Read their FAQ's for wonderful insights and helpful information. Try their recipe of the week, roam their article archives, and even visit K.J's Art Gallery. This is one-stop-site for every do-it-yourself home decorator out there!

Decorating Tips and Ideas from Lowes Home Improvement Center
Lowes Home Improvement Centers always have lots of helpful tips and ideas on home decorating. Articles change from time to time, but right now you can learn how to build a window seat and paint an interior room. Every article is helpful and filled with step-by-step detail and instructions. Additional home decorating articles include an exhaustive kitchen cabinet buying guideline, a paint project checklist, and a link to a book for women entitled Dare to Repair. From the Dare to Repair link there are two complete and helpful articles, one on plumbing and the other on how to repair a hot water heater. While this site may not be heavy on home decorating, per se, the valuable tips and helpful advice on home restoration will be useful for almost any home decorating project.

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