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The World's Healthiest Foods Take on Calcium
This resource by George Mateljan, creator of Health Valley Foods and founder of The World's Healthiest Foods, provides a wealth of information about calcium. The mineral is an essential nutrient for many body processes such as muscle control, nerve function, and regulation of pH balance in the blood. While dairy is the most common source of calcium, calcium can also be found in other foods such as sardines, steamed collards, spinach, and tofu. One will find in this article how these foods compare to dairy in terms of calcium content. It also explains in detail how calcium helps keep the body healthy and provides a list of the healthiest foods ranked according to their calcium content per serving.

10 Wonderful Benefits Of Calcium
Calcium is essential for bone and dental health at all ages. This is why an adequate supply of calcium in the body is important. However, calcium deficiency is on the rise, bringing forth conditions such as rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. This article mentions some calcium food sources and details the benefits of calcium. Aside from promoting the growth of bones and strengthening teeth and gums, calcium also aids in weight management, protects the heart muscles, prevents cancer of the colon, lessens premenstrual syndrome symptoms, prevents the formation of kidney stones, helps maintain a healthy pH level, controls blood pressure, an ensures the movement of nutrients across the cells.

Calcium Supplements for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women need calcium for their babies, but some of them don't drink enough milk. If you are one of them, here is a list of milk alternatives so you can still get the right amount of calcium you need. This includes cheese and yogurt. If you are having stomach problems when drinking milk, you can hide it by pouring it in creamy soups. For non-dairy products, you can try fortified fruit juice, tofu, dark leafy greens, and broccoli. And because you will also be skipping Vitamin D if you don't drink enough milk, the article suggests getting out to the sun for a few minutes a day.

Will Calcium Supplements Create Kidney Stones? From Dr. Weil
This is a useful question and answer on the Dr. Weil health site. It explains the interaction between calcium and kidney stones, and says it is OK to take a calcium supplement as long as they are taken with lunch and dinner and some other dietary suggestions are followed. The site states that calcium supplements and foods high in calcium don't cause kidney stones-"Researchers believe that calcium from food binds with oxalate in the intestine which cannot absorb the combination. The calcium oxalate then is eliminated with fecal matter. This lowers the amount of calcium and oxalate your body otherwise would have to eliminate in urine and prevents crystallization of calcium oxalate in the kidneys," the site says. Very informative information on calcium and kidney stones here.

Is Milk the Only Answer for Children and Calcium Nutrition?
Severe calcium nutrition deficiency can result in diseases like rickets in children and osteoporosis later in life, so its important to make sure your child gets plenty of foods with calcium and even takes a children's calcium supplement. But don't offer too much milk, the article says. If your child drinks more than 600ml to 800ml of milk a day, it may decrease your child's appetite. Children may eat less of other foods and it may affect how their body absorbs iron if they drink too much milk for calcium nutrition. There are plenty of other calcium rich foods to choose from to make sure that your child gets enough calcium nutrition.

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