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6 Types of Cycling You Should Try
Riding a bicycle is an activity that gives a ton of advantages. Aside from boosting physical health and fitness, cycling also gives improves mental and social health. But unknown to many, there are different types of cycling disciplines, which bring different benefits for the body. This article by Jessica Strange lists six types of cycling and explains how each type benefits the cyclist. The first type is BMX cycling, which is not only fun but also improves bike handling confidence and effective pumping. Tandem riding focuses on teamwork and enhances trust between teammates. Cyclocross works every muscle in the body, track cycling develops effective cadence; mountain riding gives a full body workout; and road cycling develops endurance, pacing, and energy management.

Buying a New Bike for Triathlons
A first-hand account of one man who sought out to buy a triathlon bike. In this article, he goes through various features and bikes that he looked at. He did narrow down his choice to three bikes. The Giant OCR 1, the Specialized Allez, and the Cannondale 700 multisport. The Giant and the Specialized were very similar, they both had Shimano 105, 27 speed components Mavic CXP 22 wheels, and Aluminum frames. The Cannondale was equipped with 105 18 speed with an aerodynamic composite frame and also came equipped with Profile Aerolite aerobars, Mavic CXP 21 wheels, and an aero fork, he says. He also gives tips for choosing a triathlon bike that best suits other triathletes.

Bike Magazine showcases the sport of mountain biking and features the trends, issues, and personalities. Being a well-respected online magazine, it has insightful feature articles, photos, video, and even wallpapers. Besides being able to subscribe the printed version of Bike Magazine monthly, you can also get the digital edition for both the iPhone and iPad, and also at Amazon. A bible bike is also available, where you view a wide gallery of mountain bikes for sale in three different categories cross country, downhill, and train/all mountain. This annual Bible of Bike Tests is dubbed as world's most comprehensive gear guide.

Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes
So, what is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike? This is an appropriate question to ask if your new bike may be used for cycling in events other than triathlons. That is to say, for triathlons but also other types of riding in addition to triathlons. Many people think (incorrectly) a triathlon bike is only good for riding in triathlons. The representatives of the bike shop that wrote this article says that is not correct. Triathlon bikes are well suited for any type of long distance road riding where comfort and efficiency are the primary concern. More information about the comparisons and contrasts between road bikes and triathlon bikes is included here.

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