Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Architectural Plans
A sample bathroom-remodeling project is outlined with room drawings and accompanying text to depict the transformation. The moderately sized sample bathroom has insufficient closet space, particularly accessible for guests to access for personal, bathroom amenities. A dimensioned and annotated floor plan in a line drawing of interior space is included. The remodeling project includes chopping the lavatory countertop in half and installing in a bathroom closet. The plan is modified to obtain maximum bathroom space, and the next phase takes place. An angled lavatory is explored, but the final product included moving the toilet, adding a closet and shifting a bathroom wall.

How to Remodel a Small Bathroom
This article on The Family Handyman shows you how to remodel your small, cramped bathroom so that it is more convenient, stylish and easier to clean. The do-it-yourself articles on this site rate each project in terms of time, complexity and cost. This bathroom remodel is a multi-day project, is considered complex, and will cost over $500. In this project, you'll tear out your old bathroom and put in a new one. You'll install a preassembled glass block window, replace a bathtub with a spacious shower, and install a state-of-the-art residential wall-hung toilet and sink, which will simplify floor cleaning because it lessons dirt-catching corners. Once completed, a small six by eight foot bathroom will feel much larger. The article provides detailed step-by-step instructions. It is a big project as it really involves a complete tearing out and remodeling an existing bathroom.

Huge Photo Gallery of Bathrooms Renovated in 1 Week Only is proud to present to you their huge photo gallery of renovated bathrooms. Each bathroom remodeling lasted for one week only. As you compare the before-and-after photos of more than 115 remodeled bathrooms, you can see the dramatic improvement in terms of style, color and design. Despite the fact that no explanation was made during the transformation, the stunning photos are more than enough how creative the new designs are. According to the company, every bathroom renovation is being done by only a single crew with no sub-contractor whatsoever.

A Bathroom
A good point to start with bathroom design is A Bathroom Your Guide to Bathroom REmodeling & Design. The site offers design galleries, product reviews, bathroom spa ideas and design styles, from Asian to modern and traditional. There are plenty of remodeling solutions you can choose from. Links to do-it-yourself refinishing, relining, and remodeling include wall systems, installation tips and product ideas. A section for finishing touches is included, which discusses adding shelves, antique bowls, small chairs, accent lighting, low-voltage lighting and wood beams. Also helpful in working ith the design of your dreams is using the quick bathroom remodeling estimators available on the Internet list here on the Cost Caculators page; Improvenet and provide you with those tools.

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