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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightbulbs But Were Afraid to Ask
Scientist Don Klipstein's lighting information site is jam-packed with information on every kind of light there is. He covers everything from the brightest and most efficent LEDs (what's out there may surprise you) along with links to LED manufacturers. He has a link to The Great Internet Lightbulb Book Part 1 with a Q&A page covering virtually every aspect of incandescent and halogen lamps as well as information on mercury, sodium and metal halide lamps. This site covers fluorescent lights including power sources (known as balast), dimmers for fluorescents, how compact fluorescents work, he covers blacklights, sunlamps, UV lights and even arc lights! This site is the definitive site on lights of all descriptions. Many of the articles are technical.

Home Lighting Tips
Thomas Lighting website includes many sections including kitchen lighting, lighting your bathroom, outdoor lighting, accent lighting, bulb wattage, dining room lighting, recessed lighting, foyer lighting, spot lighting, mini pendants, video equipment lighting, adjustable spot lighting, using task lighting in kitchens, decorative lighting themes, choosing the right light bulb and lighting terms.

3 Basic Types of Lighting for Homes
This article on the American Lighting Association website explains the three types of lighting systems for homes - Ambient lighting (or general lighting), Task lighting, and the accent lighting. According to the American Lighting Association, ambient lighting can be accomplished in different ways but its main source is a very important factor. The post also discussed the daily activities where task lighting should be used, and how it can be provided. The article, however, reminds that it should not be bright enough so it cannot cause eye strain. There is also a detailed explanation on how to make accent lighting effective and can add drama to a room.

Lighting Information
An index of valuable lighting information, including lighting fixtures such as iron chandeliers, alabaster light fixtures, tiffany light fixtures, track lighting, wall sconces, puck lights, pendant fixtures, murano glass lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, halogen lighting, crystal chandeliers and more. Lamp shade section goes to links for tiffany lamps, harp finials, torchiere lamps and more. Ceiling fan section as well as a light bulb database with holgen and krypton light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. More information about how to light various rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages and bedrooms; and lighting cleaning tips are included with photographs and easy-to-read lighting articles.

New Trends in Commercial Lighting
Not many businesses pay attention to lighting, which is why it is considered as one of the most overlooked aspects of a business. However, commercial lighting can make or break a business, as it can affect not just the design and the look of a certain commercial structure. Lighting can affect employee performance, sales, and even security. It is because of this that business owners must pay attention to the kind of lighting they use in their businesses. In this article, business owners will read the various new trends in lighting up commercial spaces. The use of more efficient bulbs, attractive lighting fixtures, and energy-conserving lighting schemes are some of the trends mentioned.

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