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History of the Light Bulb
This article traces the history of the lightbulb from Thomas Alva Edison's first incandescent bulb to today's neon and other types of lights far beyond anything that even Thomas Edison envisioned. Today light bulbs have different wattages, they can be dimmed, and come in many different sizes and shapes. The uses for light bulbs has also expanded far beyond Edison's earliest dreams. Today light bulbs are used for everything from indoor and outdoor lighting, to garden lighting, and even special bulbs for light therapy, replicating daylight and elevating mood and emotional states. The recent development of E-on lighting even helps to reduce negative ions in the atmosphere. With all the different sizes and kinds of lightbulbs there are today, fidning the perfect bulb for the job can seem like an overwhelming task. This site also covers what to look for in a lightbulb retailer and has helpful suggestions on how to make your lightbulb decisions easier.

16 Major Residential Lighting Trends
In the past, lighting was all about functionality - if you have lights in your home, then you are good to go. But lighting design has come a long way, especially with the rise of lighting designers that have made homeowners realize how they can create a look and an atmosphere they prefer through their homes’ lighting. In this article, you will read about the 16 major trends in interior lighting for 2018. Included in this list is the use of LED lights, pendant lights, various kinds of chandeliers, art deco lamps, and gold light fixtures, among others. The article also provides valuable information about these trends.

A Glossary of Lighting Terms
This is a site with a glossary of lighting terms, provided alphabetically. Just click on a letter and get explanations and information on lighting terms such as dimmers, task lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, flood lighting, chandeliers, low voltage lighting, sconces, types of fixtures, bulbs, lamps, etc.

Home Office Lighting Q&A
This article discusses home office lighting options. Evenly lit rooms may not be ideal, and instead lighting layers and lighting angles should be used. If the area around your monitor is not well-lit, there will be a contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room, which will certainly create eye strain after a while. Article cautions to beware of glare and mix up lighting colors and using lighting to enhance home décor. Halogen, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are also mentioned.

The Future of Light
That Thomas Edison produced the first commercially viable electric light bulb is a known fact; the world will forever be grateful to Edison for paving the way for introducing the technology that made modern lifestyle possible. Until the last century, the development of lighting has been gradual - that is, until LED lighting came into being. What is LED lighting, and why is there so much ado about it? In this Hackernoon article, Greg Yeutter discusses what LED lighting is and explains how the technology behind LED lights work. It also tells about the history of LED lighting, its advantages and disadvantages, and its implications for daily living.

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