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Transform Your Home Using the Secrets of Good Lighting
This article at was written by Stacey Sheppard, and is an exclusive interview with Lucy Martin, a Design Director at John Cullen Lighting. First, Ms. Martin explains the difference between natural light and artificial light. She then cited some important factors to be considered when it comes to providing adequate lights in residential homes. Stacey also discussed the importance of the effect of reflection and shadow, and how to control the level over the lights. Later, she gave some tips on how to provide good lightings at home. She emphasized that lights at home is as important as its structure.

LUX: Your Independent Guide to Lighting
What do lighting designers, homeowners, contractors and scientists and the average curious Joe have in common? They would all benefit from visiting the LUX website, which features everything there is to know about lighting. Unlike other sites, LUX does not just offer articles about lighting designs and lighting schemes; it also presents information that will be helpful not just to those looking to improve their lighting, but to anyone who has a stake on lighting, in general: inventors, lighting fixture manufacturers, commercial owners, and even app developers. Light and building innovations, clever apps for lighting, human-centric lighting, and light fidelity (Li-Fi) technology are just some of the topics discussed in the most recent articles on the site.

A History of Tiffany Lighting
This page on Lamps Plus provides a lot of fascinating information on Tiffany lamps. There is also a brief history of Louis Comfort Tiffany and the lamp company which still bears his name today. L.C. Tiffany was born in New York in 1848. His father was in the jewelry business and Louis Tiffany learned to work with glass and metal at his father's knee. Then, using bits of discarded glass from his father's factory, combined with his knowledge of metal and glass working, Louis Tiffany was able to create mosaic lamps of outstanding beauty, and the rest, as they say, is history. This page covers details of Tiffany's early days in the lighting business and highlights some of the early floor lamps and table lamps that became collector's items throughout the world. Many of the original molds which Louis Tiffany used in the creation of his masterpieces still exist, and so fine artisans are still able to recreate the beautiful table and floor lamps that have made the Tiffiny name synonymous with fine lighting products.

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
Lighting website geared towards the general public, lighting sales associates, lighting showrooms and lighting show room buyers. Features index of different types of lighting fixtures including Tiffany lighting, wall sconces, pendant fixtures, puck lights, crytal and brass chandeliers, track lighting, halogen lighting, and Murano glass lighting fixtures. Section on desk lamps, Torchiere lamps, halogen lamps and juvenile lamps included, along with more information about ceiling fans, ceiling medallions, and ceiling fan installation tips. Links to information about incandescent bulbs, and halogen lighting are included. Access, task, decorative and ambient lighting are also linked.

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