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How to Choose the Proper Lighting for Every Part of the House
This article at has useful tips on how to provide the right lighting in the six major areas in a house. The first area mentioned covers the foyer, hallways, and stairways. There are also separate list of suggestions for living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and even outside the house. The major factors that should be considered are how wide is the space and where the homeowner should place the lighting. Also discussed are the different types of lighting suitable for each area. For the exterior lighting, the article suggests that homeowners should be very creative when choosing decorative fixtures.

Bright Light Therapy
Extensive Question and Answer article on Bright Light Therapy from Columbia University. Learn what light therapy is, how light therapy works, how bright light therapy differs from sun exposure during the winter months, the costs and other treatments for those suffering from SAD and the winter doldrums.

Lighting Essentials for the Home
This website offers a review of the book The Right Light. The Right Light examines a wealth of lighting sources, types, and styles. It shows you how to find and use the best light fixtures, how to create mood with lighting, and how to balance the functional and aesthetic aspects of lighting throughout your home on a room-by-room basis, and even outdoors. The book includes detailed lighting plans for homes, decorative tricks on how to use lighting, lighting design tips and handcrafted lamp projects.

Discover Lighting Through Infographics by Sylvania
Sylvania is one of the leading brands that provide LED light bulbs and traditional light fixtures. With over 100 years of experience in providing light solutions to more than 120 countries in the world, Sylvania is undoubtedly an authority when it comes to lighting. This website is a huge source of information. It provides info not just on its products, but also on the science of lighting. On this page alone, one can find three very informative and useful infographics on lighting. What Is Light presents facts about lighting; Let There Be Light lists ten ways light impacts human life, while A Recipe For Good Lighting gives tips on how to properly light up a space.

Residential Lighting Magazine
Residential lighting is a magazine packed with ideas for lighting, product information and more. Site includes market news, articles on medieval lighting, fixture lighting, track pendants, bath fixtures and recessed lighting. Upcoming features including crystal chandeliers and other decorative accessories. Includes a section on trade show calendars, accessory merchants and a lighting product directory.

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