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The Best Lighting for Every Room
Looking for a lighting design inspiration? Look no further. The Best Lighting for Every Room from Elle Decor serves as a one-stop shop for everything that concerns lighting for the home. The resource features articles containing lighting ideas, trends, tips and almost every lighting topic under the sun. Featured articles include creative ways to light up the bedroom, light fixtures for the dining room, modern lighting ideas, bathroom lighting ideas, lighting schemes for the kitchen, and even lamps and other fixtures for the modern and stylish office. The resource is a true haven for lighting designers and homemakers alike.

Phillips Lighting: Lightbulb Heaven is Here
If you want to buy any Phillips product, this is the place to be. Consumers will appreciate the forum section. Here, renovators share tips about bathroom lighting, recessed lighting, floor lighting, and chandeliers. There are also some interesting articles on lighting projects on some of the world's most famous buildings: The Sydney Opera House, Fisherman's Wharf and Versailles.

An FAQ for Picking the Right Light Bulb
In the past, buying a light bulb was as easy as going to the store that sells them, picking up a bulb, and paying for it. However, these days, one cannot just do that anymore, thanks to the introduction of energy efficient bulbs. This article, a Q&A with Natural Resources Defense Council's Center for Energy Efficiency Director Noah Horowitz serves as a guide for buying the right kind of light bulb for your needs. From this FAQ of sorts, you will understand the difference between wattage and lumens and how these two terms could influence which bulb to buy. You will also know what CFLs and LEDs are, which kind of bulb to use for certain climates, and a whole lot more.

Interior Ambient Lighting Tips for a Home
This article by Ray East III contains interior ambient lighting tips for every important area inside a house. It starts with an explanation of the importance of ambient lighting (or general lighting) and how it differs from task lighting. For bedrooms, the post mentioned the different contemporary lighting solutions for bedrooms other than using ordinary incandescent lamps. For bathrooms, Ray talks about the use of pendant lights or a small chandelier. For providing lighting in the living room, he recommends some experiments that homeowners can try. There are also some creative lighting ideas for the kitchen, dining room, and hallways.

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