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Answer to the Question: Are Fluorescent Bulbs More Efficient than Regular Bulbs?
From comes this information on the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs versus incandescent bulbs. This is an important question for home and interior lighting design and planning-people looking for low voltage lighting. The answer is yes, that fluroescent bulbs are four to six times more efficient than regular bulbs. The site is very detailed, intended to explain the technological characteristics of household items. There are also many links to other pages within the website, explaining how bulbs and fixtures work.

National Light Bureau
The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) is a nonprofit organization founded to educate lighting decision-makers about the benefits of High-Benefit Lighting. The NLB is sponsored by professional societies, manufacturers, utilities and governmental agencies. Sponsors include GW Lighting, Lutron Electronics, Acuity Brands, Cooper Lighting, Hubbell Lighting Incorporated, Aero Thermic Shields, and Lithonia Lighting. Includes a news and events section that covers the Lighting Certified Credential Examination, which is a national lighting certification process that tests lighting professionals. Where the Professionals Go is an on-line magazine dedicated to the decorative lighting industry. Of particular interest may be the search engine which allows the visitor to locate lighting manufacturers, lighting parts suppliers, and stores, as well as shows, market centers and associations.

Health Benefits of Light
Did you know that light its presence and absence can affect your health? Because light regulates the functions of the body, the kind of light you get can have surprising effects on your wellness. Your biological clock is dependent on natural light, so when you do not get the right kind of light at the right time, your mood and even your performance in daily life can suffer. This article even goes as far as saying that the absence of sunshine can cause seasonal affective disorder, also called the winter doldrums. To get rid of the winter blues, this article suggests light therapy, which is also said to treat ADHD, insomnia, and even dementia.

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