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How to Pick the Best Light Bulbs for Every Room in Your House
Every person wants a home that is both attractive and comfortable, especially because thatís where they spend a considerable amount of their time. What is the secret to an attractive and comfortable home, you ask. The answer: lighting. However, lighting is not just about making sure that each room is lit; itís about making sure that each room is properly lit, according to the roomís purpose. As such, the kind of lighting you would use for the living room must be different from what you will use in the kitchen or the bedroom. But just how do you do that? This article provides general suggestions on how to properly light up rooms in the home.

Home Interior Lighting and Home Exterior Lighting For Safety and Security
Article from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) reminds seniors that as they get older, they need to add and/or increase both exterior lighting and home interior lighting. Article provides practical tips like moving chairs by windows for sunlight reading, doing maintenance on lighting to maintain illumination, and placement of both switches and lights for increased safety and security.

Light Therapy
A holistic approach to the benefits of proper lighting is defined in this thorough web site. In-depth information about the body's responsiveness to light, including how light affects organs and overall health. Light therapy safety, side effects and sources of illumination are noted. The benefits of light therapy to ease seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is also mentioned. Includes benefits of light therapy for assistance with jet lag, insomnia, bulimia and lupus.

Tips for Adding Ambient Light to Your Home
The first part of this article at talks about the different sources of ambient light, which is also known as general lighting. For homes, the ambient lighting sources mentioned are recessed down lights, cove lighting, decorative pendants, floor and table lamps, and wall sconces. However, the post noted that natural light should always be the main contributor of ambient light. On the last part, readers can find some simple ways on how to enhance this ambient lighting even without using various kinds of expensive lighting fixtures. Two strategies mentioned are by using mirrors to rooms and using white paint on walls.

Welcome to Light Bulb 101
This well-designed site promises to "shed a little light" on picking the right light bulb. Fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen are all discussed in detail. There is also a section with links to articles on window treatments, basement, and bedroom lighting, as well as an answer column. Do-It-Yourselfers will especially appreciate the forum where they can share the ins and outs of projects with other people that have done the same project.

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