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14 Outdoor Lighting Trends
Lighting is not just for a homeís interior. Outdoor lighting is important too because it illuminates the yard and enhances the curb appeal of the home. Homeowners who wish to improve the outward appearance of their home would benefit from the inspiration this article gives about outdoor lighting trends for 2018. Outdoor lighting suggestions include the use of Moroccan-style lights, subtle wall lights, solar-powered lights, LED path lights and step lights, motion-activated security lights, and traditional style glass lanterns. The article also offers tips on how to use these light options safely and how to save money when planning for outdoor lights.

Lighting Information by Philips
What do comfortable homes, efficient and livable public spaces, optimized offices, and engaging retail stores have in common? Proper lighting, thatís what. To know more about the kind of lighting that works for these spaces, one only has to visit the Philips Lighting website. Philips Lighting, which will soon become Signify, offers a rich repository of information about all things lighting. The site provides links to various Philips light bulbs and lighting fixtures, as well as the different lighting systems they offer, the kind of services they provide clients and customers, and their quarterly newsletter. They even have what they call a Lighting University for those who wish to have more knowledge about lighting.

Feng Shui: Light and Lighting
The need for sunlight in every room and the benefits of using soft pink incadescent bulbs for home interior lighting are examined in an article from QI: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness that discusses the affects of home lighting on a person's overall well being and lends credence to the notion of light therapy.

GE Lighting
The GE web portal for home and business lighting. Browse products such as decorative bulbs, chandeliers, recessed lighting, fluorescent tubes, aquarium bulbs and plant lighting. Business portion of the site features a lighting literature library, business lighting solutions, product information and energy guides.

Lighting and General Energy Saving Tips
The first part of this article the Auroa Energy website (an Australia power company) offers eight ways to save energy on lights. This includes turning them off when not in use and opening curtains in the morning instead of turning them on. On the other hand, the second part has fourteen tips on how to save general energy at home. Among these suggestions are investing in a swimming pool cover which is believed to save 90% of energy, buying an exhaust fan with automatic shutter doors, and using timers on aquarium lights and pumps. There are some tips on how to maximize the heat when ironing clothes.

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